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Hi Babbess!

I am so happy that you have found yourself here. If you’ve gotten this far, my images must have sparked something inside of you. I hope that they have and I hope that you are currently envisioning yourself plastered all over my website.

I love photography SO dang much. But more than that I love deep connections! Put those two things together and that’s where I can create something really great. Bring me your raw. Bring me your vulnerable. I will put it in front of a sunset and make you FEEL when you look at it.

I do my very best when my clients let me do my thing and trust me. I got you! Im here to help you step outside of you comfort zone a bit and I promise, if you really trust me, you will love the outcome. Im here for it all. I’ll help you shop for that perfect outfit that makes you feel amazing, i’ll guide your session to bring out the best in you. I will work your angles!! Im way more into the emotions you are feeling during your session than trying to perfect some Instragram pose. I focus on your interactions way more than where to put your hands. ( Don’t worry I won’t leave you hanging wondering where to put your hands haha) I want this to be an experience not a session you book and get photos from. I want you to look back at the shoot and remember it as a time when you re-connected with your boo.

If you are considering me for your photos, please oh please make sure we connect. I promise you-the photographer you connect with best is the one who will GET YOU and who will give you the best result. Even if it may not be me, connect with your photographer! Let’s chat, tell me what you want, tell me what you need help with and let’s vibe together and make something incredible.

Who the heck am I?!

I am a 27 year old photographer from Lodi, ca. I live with my boyfriend Alex and our kid/cats Toby & Lucy. We have Friends on our TV 24/7 and we are both obsessed with Chandler! When i’m not working i’m probably at Hobby Lobby buying ‘way too much stuff for the walls babe’. I love decorating our condo and Pinteresting for new ideas! Most nights Alex and I make dinner together and our cooking always involves awkward dance moves and we love it! (I bet our neighbors do too.) My mom is my lifetime BFF and biggest supporter and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I am deep thinker and I probably look way too much into everything, i’m currently obsessed with Enneagrams (Personality types) and I am constantly looking into it. Im often reading fictional love stories and I love to write stuff that no one will ever read. Im a big fan of the rain and if it wasn’t for summer sunsets id say lets just skip summer! I know, I know. but have you seen rain? Im a sucker for deep connections, the middle of the night and wildly in love couples. I believe solitude is necesarry, and creating is my outlet. I have the most amazing job in the world and can’t believe I get to capture love for a living! I am completely in love with exploring with my camera and id love for you to step in front of it.